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February 21, 2017 by Healy Jones

The Fort Myers edition of Florida Weekly recently interviewed ForUsAll client, DAS Health. We love this article and interview, as they hit on the employee benefits of offering a 401(k) and touch on some of the challenges that DAS Health’s HR manager has faced when offering employer sponsored retirement plans.

With 60 employees, DAS Health is a healthcare information technology company located in Tampa, Florida. DAS gives their physician clients greater control of their practice’s financial success and helps physicians deliver quality care to their patients.

Florida Weekly spoke with Jenna Wengler, DAS Health’s human resources manager, and discussed 401(k) administration with ForUsAll. Jenna said:

“It’s very user and administrator friendly. They make it very easy on someone like me who would normally administer this plan, because they do it all. I’ve done 401(k) before at my previous company. It was for a small company, similar in size as this one and it was very difficult for me to understand, very tedious. They didn’t really assist at all. It was hard to get ahold of people, where ForUsAll is very much customer focused.”

One of the key elements for small business 401(k) management that ForUsAll focuses on is making plan administration easier. Jenn discusses the challenges of being the only HR manager for an organization:

“I think (ForUsAll) realized that a small company such as ours — we have employees who wear many hats. I’m the only person in the human resources department. I handle everything from the payroll to the benefits to employee relations. So the person who is in charge of the benefits has a lot on their plate and minimal time, so they’ve figured out a way to make it as easy as possible for that person.”

Read the article here!

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