ForUsAll 401(k) Benchmark Study Finds Employees at Small Businesses Saving and Participating More than Peers in Large Companies
ForUsAll, a 401(k) advisor for small and mid-sized businesses, conducted a benchmark study to see how participation and savings rates among their target customer base compares to large and jumbo-sized plans.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (DECEMBER 06, 2016) - Since its founding in 2013, 401(k) advisor for small and mid-sized businesses, ForUsAll, has maintained that employees shouldn’t have to work for a Fortune 500 company in order to have the benefits of a good retirement savings plan. In order to understand how the company is measuring up to that promise, the team decided to benchmark their internal customer data against data from the industry standard, 2016 Plan Sponsor Council of America Annual Survey.

Launched today, ForUsAll’s Participant Success Benchmark Study: Comparing Jumbo PSCA Plans to Small- and Mid-Sized ForUsAll Plans compares data made publicly available via PSCA’s 58th Annual Survey to internal data collected among companies using ForUsAll’s 401(k) plan to see how results compare between large 401(k) plans and ForUsAll’s small- to mid-sized counterparts.

Results showed that the average participation and savings rates of ForUsAll’s 401(k) plan for small- to mid-sized businesses were on par, and sometimes higher than, the industry average for billion dollar plans. For example, the PSCA survey reports that non-highly compensated employees save an average of 5.8 percent in their 401(k) plan. (Note: the IRS currently defines a non-highly compensated employee as someone who makes less than $120,000 a year.) With mobile-friendly employee communications and an award-winning employee-experience, ForUsAll boosts the average savings rate of non-highly compensated employees an entire percent (average savings rate of 6.8 percent). This includes employees making minimum wage and young employees just out of college. The benchmark study also looks at participation rates and whether companies actually do need to offer a company match to get employees to save more in the 401(k) plan. For the full results, go to

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