Transparent and low-cost 401(k) pricing

We are an independent 401(k) advisor specializing in low cost 401(k) plans for small and medium sized businesses. Our goal is to craft a low cost retirement plan by finding you the right fund lineup and recordkeeper. Talk to us today and let us estimate your all-in cost on up to three recordkeepers.

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ForUsAll’s Transparent & Budget-Friendly Pricing

Assets Employer Fee Advisory Fee (% of assets)
< $250k $200 per month 0.35%
$250k to $5m none 0.35%
$5m to $20m none 0.30%
$20m to $50m none 0.25%
$50m + none 0.20%

Our advisory fee is always low, but varies depending on the size of your plan. Keep in mind that the all-in cost of a 401(k) is comprised of recordkeeping, custodial, and average fund cost in addition to our advisory fee. Provide us with information on your current plan’s assets and your employee base, and we’ll estimate your all-in cost on up to three recordkeepers with a diversified, low-fee investment line up.

Components of a 401(k) plan’s cost

A 401(k) plan comes with hard costs – money paid by your company, as the plan sponsor, and fees paid by your employees, usually as a percent of their savings. This can make understanding the cost of your company’s plan confusing. We’d be delighted to provide you with a review of your plan’s costs and help you find out if a different 401(k) advisor could help you save you and your employees money.

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