Notice of Privacy Practices

ForUsAll and/or its affiliates, including ForUs Advisors, LLC (collectively, “ForUsAll”, “us”, or “we”) is committed to safeguarding the confidential information of its clients. We do collect nonpublic personal information in order to serve you and to enable us to provide you with accurate and pertinent information and/or advice.

When we use the words “you” and “your” in this notice, we mean current and former clients who have or have had a continuing relationship with us. “Nonpublic personal information” means information about you we collect in connection with providing you our services. Nonpublic personal information does not include information that is available from public sources such as real estate records and telephone directories.

We do not provide your personally identifiable information to mailing list vendors or solicitors for any purpose. You don’t need to take any action to prevent disclosure.

How We Collect Information

We collect nonpublic personal information about you to enable us to provide you with our services. The information is collected in a variety of ways from you from the following sources:

  1. Information we receive from you when you complete the modules (e.g. last name, last four digits of your Social Security Number).
  2. Information we receive from you when you use our services or respond to questions within our modules (e.g. your 401(k) elections).
  3. Other general information we obtain about you that is not obtained for the purpose of providing you with a service (for example, demographic information).

How We Use Your Information

We use the information we collect from you in order to provide content that is suitable to you and so that we may properly identify you and comply with all the laws and regulations that govern us. We collaborate with academic researchers as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the service. Nonpublic personal information about you may be shared during the course of this research.

From time to time, we may choose to hire independent contractors or third parties to provide you with accurate and pertinent services. We share your personal information with such contractors if it is deemed necessary and appropriate in connection with the work performed. We disclose personal information to co-advisors, brokers, agents, custodians and vendors as needed to help us provide advisory services and service your account.

Any third party with whom we share your personal information is contractually obligated to keep the information we provide to them confidential and use the information only for the services required and as allowed by applicable law or regulation. Our research collaborators may use your nonpublic personal information to support research papers they publish.

Protecting the Confidentiality and Security of Your Information

We restrict access to your nonpublic personal information to those persons who require such information to help us provide the best service to you. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard your nonpublic personal information.

Changes to Notice of Privacy Practices

We may make changes to this Notice of Privacy Practices at any time and will provide our clients with notice of these changes as required by law. This notice replaces any other statements about our privacy practices.