401(k) Provider RFP Template: Choose the Best Retirement Plan for Your Company

Whether you’re looking to switch your 401(k) provider or want to see if your current provider is still right for your company, the best approach is to issue an RFP.

But where to start? Creating an RFP from scratch is a ton of work, and how do you know you are asking the right questions? To make life easier, we’ve done the work for you, pulling together comprehensive criteria that will allow you to be as rigorous in your selection process as you want to be.

The result? An RFP template you can send directly to 401(k) providers you're evaluating. We’ve even put it into a Word doc, so you can add your own branding, and edit as you like. This template will help you gather all the information you need to help find the best provider for your employees.

Download the 401(k) Provider RFP Template:

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