Meet the next generation 401(k)

A 401(k) that is easy to use, eliminates manual work, and offers access to investment options employees care about? This is what a modern 401(k) looks like.

Give your employees the investments they want

According to a recent study more people in the United States than ever before see cryptocurrencies as part of their retirement planning.

New: Cryptocurrency

Provide direct access to a broad range of cryptocurrencies via our self-directed digital asset window. Our built-in guidelines, guardrails, and education help support your employees’ decisions to invest in this asset class.

Expanded investment options

In addition to cryptocurrency, expand your power of choice with Traditional and ESG-focused funds, plus a self-directed brokerage account.

3(38) Investment Fiduciary

Keep the investment compliance duties and corresponding liability for your core investment menu off of your shoulders, and put it on ours.


Leading the conversation on a national level


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Pioneering modern 401(k) technology

Automated plan administration

Your time is valuable, so we assume responsibility and liability for your plan administration, providing new hire eligibility tracking, audit assistance and the Form 5500 – it’s all off your plate.

Auditor-class payroll integration

Payroll integration is not uncommon, but ours goes a bit beyond by running 44 discrete checks for every payroll. Our auto-reconciling system means that when an error is found, it gets fixed.

3(16) Administrative Fiduciary

Underlying all the nitty-gritty is the fact that we act as your 3(16) Administrative Fiduciary. Simply stated, if things go sideways in the day-to-day operation of your plan, we are responsible and liable. Not you. So, you can relax and grow your business.

Advanced plan design

With an Alt401(k), you get a turnkey 401(k) plan that follows industry-leading practices right out of the box. But it’s far from one-size-fits-all: we’re able to provide you with various plan design features to fit your needs.

Traditional and Roth Features
Custom matching options
Expert plan design

Next level employee engagement

Award-winning2 onboarding

Our virtual advisor, DAVE, provides interactive mobile onboarding and education. It’s a delight for distributed workforces and hard to reach employees.

Patented Insight Engine

Data-driven insights from integrated bank accounts, coupled with one-click recommended actions every payday make it easy for employees to achieve their individual financial goals.

Human financial advisors

Not many 401(k)-in-a-box plans offer real live financial advisors. Our advisors are available to all your employees, not just 401(k) participants, anytime. And, they advise on real-world financial situations beyond the 401(k).

360º Financial Health

We reach out to your employees on day one, inviting conversations about student loans, debt, and financial milestones like buying a house – because saving for retirement is also about managing finances today.

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Provide your employees with the growth opportunities and investment choices they deserve.