Meet the ForUsAll 401(k).

An easy, affordable 401(k) solution with the choice, flexibility and expertise your business deserves. Unlock the power of choice with more options and more opportunities for potential growth.

Alt401(k), an easy affordable 401(k) solution.

Easy set up!

Sign Up

Create an account and tell us a little about your company.


We’ll help you customize the plan and integrate payroll with a few clicks.

Go live

Set the date for the company kickoff webinar!


We keep it simple for you and don’t charge setup fees. That’s because low fees mean more saving – which is the whole point of a 401(k).

Unlock the power of investment choice

Simple core menu with optional self-directed windows provide more opportunities for potential growth, diversification and customization.  Access to stocks, bonds, ETFs and even crypto. 

DAVE, our virtual advisor

DAVE gives your employees smart, actionable answers to their questions and is a valuable supplement to ForUsAll's human advisors.

Stay compliant, automatically

Fully-automatic administration that comes with full fiduciary protection: 3(38) Investment Fiduciary + 3(16) Administrative Fiduciary.

Base fee
+$6/mo per participant
Expanded investment options
Auto admin & payroll Integration
Compliance protection
Financial advisors for every employee
Advanced plan design (Profit sharing, cash balance plans and more)
Get Started

*Plus a ForUsAll Advisory Fee of 0.20% – 0.40% of plan assets per year

Safe Harbor

The easiest and safest 401(k) plan for companies looking to attract top talent or maximize tax savings for owners.  Best of all, you can automatically pass year end non-discrimination tests.

Safe Harbor 401(k) plans can be customized for a broad range of budgets.


Stuck in the FAQ Vortex? Let's find your answer! If you still can’t find it, give us a shout, we're always here to help.

Who is the ForUsAll 401(k) product best suited for?

The ForUsAll 401(k) is best suited for companies setting up a new 401(k) plan or looking to change their current 401(k) provider.

What sets the ForUsAll 401(k) apart from other 401(k) solutions?

The ForUsAll 401(k) offers more investment choices with self-directed windows, which can provide employees with more opportunities for growth. It also has payroll integration and automated administration features that can save time and reduce errors. Additionally, ForUsAll includes an advisor for employees to help them grow their retirement savings, as well as fiduciary protection to protect the company.

Can we choose our own investments with ForUsAll?

Yes, you can work with ForUsAll to customize your investment menu and/or add self-directed windows which allow employees to go beyond the core menu to invest in any a broad range of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs or cryptocurrencies that are available in the windows.

How does the payroll integration with the ForUsAll 401(k) work?

ForUsAll's payroll integrations streamline the 401(k) contribution process by automatically deducting contributions from employees' paychecks and depositing them into their 401(k) accounts. This can save time and reduce errors.

How does ForUsAll help employees?

ForUsAll's can provide holistic financiall wellness and 401(k) advice to your employees via 1:1 advisory sessions, webinars alongside a broad range of personalized communications and online tools.

How does ForUsAll protect the company from fiduciary liability?

ForUsAll offers fiduciary protection to help protect the company from legal and financial responsibility for the 401(k) plan. This includes providing the necessary support and resources to ensure plan compliance, as well as helping to manage investment risks and protect employee benefits.

What is RK & TPA?

RK is Recordkeeping and TPA stands for Third-Party Administration. These are services that help manage the administrative and compliance responsibilities of a 401(k) plan, such as processing contributions and withdrawals, preparing required reports, and ensuring plan compliance.

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2 As of 12/31/2022. Employees include both current employees and terminated participants with a balance.
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4 Sarah Britton was a client when she provided this testimonial through an independent third party review website. She received no compensation for her remarks. There are no known conflicts of interest in the provision of her comments related to the services provided.