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We lead the industry with our services and our pricing. In fact, if you have a plan, we can probably cut your fees so much you’ll save money just by hiring us.

New Plan Pricing


Base fee
Per participant


Assets under management

43%* Savings

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Get a personalized fee analysis and see how much you can save. We might even be able to help you save up to 50%.
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All kinds of benefits

Besides giving you and your team access to a broader range of investments, we also offer bank-level and military grade encryption, compliance, and automation.

Payroll Integration

Our technology will automate the day-to-day work of maintaining and operating your plan.

More Secure

We take on the liability as the 3(16) and 3(38) for your plan. We’ll even sign your 5500 every year.


Offering a 401(k) can save your company thousands of dollars a year in tax breaks.

Buying Crypto can be cheaper and tax-free in a 401(k)

0.50% vs 5.00%

Lower Transaction Fees
Transaction fees = 0.50%. vs. IRA alternatives which range from 1% - 5%


Roth IRA Yearly Limit
Save $20,500 every year instead of the annual IRA limit of $6,000


Up to 25% More Money
When you invest with Roth dollars in your 401(k), you can have 25% more money at retirement than in a taxable account.

Coming Soon

Turn on Crypto inside your 401(k) without changing a thing

Want to offer crypto without changing your plan? No problem. Be one of the first to offer a self-directed crypto window integrated in your 401(k). It comes with no additional employer costs, and ForUsAll will take care of the compliance and act as a fiduciary over the crypto window so you don't have to.

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