A competitive 401(k) for any budget

We keep it simple for you and don’t charge setup fees. That’s because low fees mean more saving – which is the whole point of a 401(k).

Cost for Employers

$120 base fee
+$6 per participant

Cost for Employees

0.5% of 401(k) balance

Alt401(k) Features

Expanded investment options

  • Access to Traditional and ESG-focused funds
  • Self-directed digital asset window
  • Self-directed brokerage account

Auto admin & payroll integration

  • Automated plan administration and new hire onboarding
  • Auditor-class payroll integration

Compliance protection

  • 3(16) fiduciary - $5M compliance guarantee1
  • 3(38) fiduciary and quarterly investment plan review
  • Sign and file IRS documents

Customer service

  • Plan-level support for employers
  • 1-on-1 financial advice for all employees

Advanced plan design

  • Safe Harbor
  • Profit Sharing options
  • Cash Balance options
  • Custom matching options
  • Traditional & Roth features
  • Automatic enrollment
  • Automatic savings rate escalation
  • Industry-leading plan defaults

Next level employee engagement

  • Award-winning onboarding
  • Patented Insight Engine
  • Human financial advisors
  • 360º financial health

Low crypto pricing

Crypto fees in the 401(k) are drastically lower than retail brokerages, and are only charged to employees who choose to use our self-directed digital asset window.

Crypto user platform fee:

0.083% of crypto balance/mo

Crypto user transaction fee:

0.15% per trade
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