Connect your payroll with your 401(k) provider




Make plan administration effortless with Voya by leveraging advanced synchronization capabilities with more than 200 payroll services, automating the essential aspects of retirement planning.

1,200+ payroll / recordkeeper integrations (and growing)

We support over 1,200 different integrations, so we can automate most any 401(k). If you don’t see your providers on our list, let us know – we constantly add providers to the growing list.

Pricing comparison of our payroll integration packages

Seamlessly integrate your payroll: discover the unique features of each 401(k) package.




$50/mo + 0.15% of AUM

Advisor Plus

0.20-0.40% of AUM


Full 360 paroll integration
Eligibility tracking and onboarding
Administrative fiduciary
Investment fiduciary
Participant education & communications
Holistic financial advisors for all employees

The benefits of 360º integration

We integrate your payroll provider with top 401(k) providers. Our 360 integrations automatically update savings rates and loans, track eligibility and send notices - putting your 401(k) on auto-pilot.

Reclaim your valuable time

Experience the convenience of automatic updates to savings rates and loans in payroll whenever employees adjust their 401(k) plans. ForUsAll's integrations automate eligibility tracking and notifications, putting your 401(k) management on auto-pilot and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Eliminate error-prone tasks

The ForUsAll integration with Voya is designed to minimize human error, running up to 44 checks on each employee's payroll file. This "Payroll X-Ray" identifies and helps correct mistakes, reducing the need for time-consuming error corrections and enhancing employee satisfaction.

Streamline enrollment

ForUsAll ensures a smooth enrollment process into Voya's retirement plans by automatically tracking eligibility and keeping 401(k) census data in sync. Notices are sent out effortlessly, ensuring compliance and engagement.

Relax, we’ve got your back

With ForUsAll, benefit from a 3(16) fiduciary that assumes legal liability for day-to-day plan administration. This service, in collaboration with Voya's offerings, provides peace of mind through the expertise of ERISA attorneys, auditors, and administration specialists.

Integrate payroll to your 401(k) provider

The set up process takes 3 minutes

Step 1: Create your account

Get started by registering with us, It's fast, straightforward.

Step 2: Connect your payroll

Connect your payroll provider to effortlessly, utilizing top-notch security.

Step 3: Connect your 401(k)

Integrate your 401(k) provider to easily oversee that all payroll is being synced correctly.

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Seamless payroll integration for efficient 401(k) management.


Voya Financial is a leading provider of retirement solutions, investment management, and health insurance, serving over 54,000 institutional clients and 6 million individual plan participants. Their commitment to digital innovation and customer-focused solutions sets them apart. For more information on Voya's offerings, visit their website.


Voya stands out in the financial services market with its focus on retirement readiness, digital innovation, and comprehensive health and wealth solutions. Their dedication to customer service, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility has earned them widespread recognition and awards.


Voya's approach to pricing is tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients, offering a range of retirement, investment, and insurance products. For specific pricing details on Voya's services, explore there pricing page.

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1 Schwab 2022 401(k) Participant Study - Gen Z/Millenial Focus, October 2022.
2 As of 12/31/2022. Employees include both current employees and terminated participants with a balance.
3 "Morgan Stanley At Work: The Value of a Financial Advisor" Morgan Stanley, March 2022.
4 Sarah Britton was a client when she provided this testimonial through an independent third party review website. She received no compensation for her remarks. There are no known conflicts of interest in the provision of her comments related to the services provided.