Tax-free crypto gains in your 401(k)1

That’s the power of combining the 401(k)’s built-in tax advantages with direct investment in a broad range of cryptocurrencies via the Alt401(k)’s Self-Directed Crypto Window, powered by Coinbase Institutional.

Cryptocurrency: the 401(k)'s newest frontier

More people in the United States than ever before see cryptocurrencies as part of their retirement planning.


of institutional investors think that crypto will outpace traditional investments within 10 years.2


of millennials and Gen Z say crypto is part of their retirement strategy.3


In a recent survey, 3 out of 5 people said they wanted access to crypto in their 401(k) plan.4

Why crypto in a 401(k)?

For employers

Benefits packages are an excellent way to show that your business can provide value to your employees, and a package that includes a 401(k) with cryptocurrency might just do the trick.

For employees

Boosted savings rates, built-in tax advantages, and expanded investment choices are all potential benefits that your employees could see with access to crypto in their 401(k) plan.

How the Alt401(k) works

Self-Directed Crypto Window

Direct access to crypto in the Alt401(k) is made possible via the Self-Directed Crypto Window, powered by Coinbase Institutional. With the Self-Directed Crypto Window, crypto investments are outside the core 401(k) investment menu, in much the same way as Self-Directed Brokerage Window investments. The Window is implemented at the employer’s discretion, so you can choose to use it – or not to use it. It’s up to you.

Built-in Guidelines and Guardrails

Employees are empowered to make informed investing decisions with built-in guidelines and guardrails. provides balanced education, guidelines, and guardrails that help avoid the crypto hype, and helps employees make informed decisions. A default 5% cap on crypto allocations, portfolio alerts, and disclosures are designed to help investors avoid undue risk. ForUsAll assumes fiduciary responsibility for the selection of the cryptocurrency platform provider, as well as ongoing monitoring. We also carefully screen the coins we make available.

Crypto education for safer investing

Cryptocurrencies are a new asset class for 401(k) investors, and we understand that employees need to understand what is involved before they begin. So, before they can use the Self-Directed Crypto Window, they must complete the following:

  1. Acknowledge a short initial statement in which they confirm that they understand the risks and that they are making their own investment decisions.
  2. Take, and pass, a brief interactive quiz that reinforces the risks of cryptocurrency, and states that the employee alone is determining that this is a suitable investment option for them.
  3. And finally, read and acknowledge the full Terms of Service and disclosures that include the fees, timing of transactions, and all the risks.

Employers: Want to offer a 401(k) plan with crypto?

Let’s walk through it together and answer your questions.

Crypto 401(k) FAQs

What makes ForUsAll’s Alt401(k) the right crypto 401(k) for me or my employees?

ForUsAll has no investment minimums, offers direct investment access to multiple cryptocurrencies in the 401(k), and provides ongoing customer support. Our user interface is simple, and increases the options for investors to diversify their retirement nest egg. Because of our integration with Coinbase Institutional, you don’t have to go through the hassle of choosing an exchange or creating a wallet.

What cryptocurrencies are available in the Alt401(k)?

We currently support the following crypto tokens for trading:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • USDC

How much money can I transfer to my Self-Directed Crypto Window?

You can transfer up to 5% of your 401(k) balance to cryptocurrency. You can set ongoing contributions to the Self-Directed Crypto Window, at up to 5% of your 401(k) contributions. Once the funds are transferred into the crypto window, the allocation will show up as “Buying Power,” which you can then use to buy crypto.

Will I be able to contribute pre-tax or post-tax dollars into the Alt401(k)?

You can make contributions on a pre-tax or post-tax (Roth) basis and elect to have part of that contribution go directly to the Self-Directed Crypto Window.

How is ForUsAll's crypto 401(k) different from Fidelity's Bitcoin 401(k)?

At ForUsAll, we believe that diversification is critical to an appropriately balanced retirement portfolio. Our crypto 401(k) solution provides access to wide range of high-quality cryptocurrencies, as opposed to just Bitcoin.

Additionally, our solution does not put cryptocurrency in the core investment menu. Instead, we make crypto access available via a self-directed crypto window designed for sophisticated investors. Participants can only access that window after going through comprehensive risk disclosures.

Lastly, we set a default cap of 5% for crypto allocations, and send proactive portfolio alerts when allocations exceed that range. This gives employees the option to reinvest crypto into traditional asset classes.

What are the fees for the Self-Directed Crypto Window?

Custody and administration fee: An annual fee of 1% of the average daily balance in the crypto window once the crypto window is activated with funds. This fee will be billed quarterly. 

Plan services fee: In addition to the 1% annual custody and administration fee, the employee will continue to pay a plan services fee on the assets they hold in the Self-Directed Crypto Window. 

Cryptocurrency trades: When you place a trade, you will be charged a trading fee that is based on the monthly trading volume of all of ForUsAll’s clients during the prior month. The maximum trading fee is 0.50%.

Where is the cryptocurrency held?

Cryptocurrency is stored digitally. When cryptocurrency is stored on a device or account that is connected to the network, that is a “hot wallet”. When cryptocurrency is stored on devices that are completely disconnected from any networks, that is “cold storage.” It is not connected to a network and it is safer, because hackers can’t hack the network to gain access to it. 

All cryptocurrency is held in cold storage for security. When you request a transaction, only the amount requested is transferred to a hot wallet to execute the transaction before being moved back to cold storage.

How do I keep track of keys for the crypto in my 401(k)?

You do not need to keep track of keys. Our Self-Directed Crypto Window is powered by Coinbase Institutional to store and process crypto assets. Coinbase will keep keys for you. You simply log in to to access your Self-Directed Crypto Window.

Is there a minimum I need to maintain in the Self-Directed Crypto Window?

No, there is no minimum deposit required by ForUsAll. This means you can trade or invest as little as you want.

What happens if I have another 401(k) account?

You can roll over your existing 401(k) assets to ForUsAll’s Alt401(k).

How can I get access to crypto in my 401(k)?

If your employer already has their 401(k) plan with ForUsAll, they can reach our customer success team to activate the Self-Directed Crypto Window. If your employer doesn’t use ForUsAll for their 401(k), but you’d still like access to crypto, contact us and we’ll get in touch with your employer.

Employees: Want access to crypto in your 401(k) plan?

Let’s walk through it together and answer your questions.