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401(k) costs are anything but transparent. Recordkeeping fees, custodial costs, fund expenses, advisor costs, 408(b)2 fees - it can get confusing fast. ForUsAll is an independent 401(k) advisor, and our goal is to help you find the right retirement plan provider, fund line up and more, all for an attractively low price. Use our fee estimator below to instantly compare the total cost of your plan on three well-known, low-cost providers.

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What fees go into a typical 401(k) plan?

401(k) Cost How is it Charged? Who Typically Pays?
Fund expenses % of assets invested Employees
Advisory fee % of assets invested Employees
Sales commissions % of assets invested Employees*
Recordkeeping fees Varies Employers
Custodial fees % of assets invested Employees
TPA fees Varies Varies

*ForUsAll doesn't work with providers who charge commissions, nor do we receive kickbacks from funds of any kind. If you are working with a broker who does, talk to us today about how we might help lower your 401(k) fees!

How does this fee calculator work?

Provide us with your current plan’s assets and your employee count, and we’ll instantly estimate your all-in cost on up to three recordkeepers with a diversified, low-fee line up. Click below to get started!

401(k) Cost Estimator

ForUsAll’s Transparent & Budget-Friendly Pricing

Assets Employer Fee Advisory Fee (% of assets)
< $250k $200 per month 0.35%
$250k to $5m none 0.35%
$5m to $20m none 0.30%
$20m to $50m none 0.25%
$50m + none 0.20%

Our advisory fee is always low, but varies depending on the size of your plan. Keep in mind that the all-in cost of a 401(k) is comprised of recordkeeping, plan administration, custodial and average fund costs in addition to our advisory fee. Click below to estimate your all-in cost on up to three recordkeepers.

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Why work with an independent advisor?

ForUsAll is an independent 401(k) advisor. We are not affiliated with any recordkeeper, nor have we built our own recordkeeping system. That means we can focus on providing advice without financial conflicts, helping your business find the right recordkeeper and investment lineup. Don’t get stuck with a closed architecture recordkeepers and their captive advice platforms, who are mainly interested in pushing their own (probably expensive) investment options - talk to an independent 401(k) advisor today and learn how companies like yours are able to reduce fees by pricing their plan across multiple low-cost recordkeepers.

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Note: Fee estimates produced with our pricing calculator are intended as ballpark estimates and may vary based on workforce demographics, recordkeeping partnerships, and plan design. Based on your company's size, we will provide up to three non-binding estimates. Talk to us today to get an exact quote!