Investment philosophy

Our team brings to ForUsAll their expertise managing over $50B in 401(k) assets for the largest companies in America, and are experts in the ERISA issues facing small and mid-sized companies. That experience drives our investment philosophy, which consists of three core tenets:

  • Avoid unnecessary fees
  • Avoid unnecessary risk
  • Thorough, ongoing fiduciary review

401(k) Investment Tenet 1 – Avoid unnecessary fees

While the market is unpredictable, fees are guaranteed to lower returns. One of our primary goals is to lower 401(k) investment fees for your employees. Once we estimate the total fund cost, we then compare the total fund cost to other funds that provide similar asset class exposure and return potential.

The end goal — provide a selection that gives employees a low-cost 401(k) investment menu of diversified mutual funds.

401(k) Investment Tenet 2 – Avoid unnecessary risk

Chasing past performance is likely to lower overall investment returns. Indeed, studies have shown that actively managed funds that outperformed in one 5-year period are actually significantly more likely to underperform in the next 5 year period. These actively managed funds can have wildly volatile returns, creating unnecessary fiduciary risk for employers and exposing employees to unnecessary risk.

Our 401(k) fund selection philosophy — avoid mutual funds that take excessive active bets in an attempt to outperform the market.

401(k) Investment Tenet 3 – Thorough, ongoing fiduciary review

Limiting unnecessary fees and exposure to excessive active management at the outset is not enough. A prudent 401(k) plan requires on-going fiduciary reviews of the investments looking at both quantitative and qualitative measures.

Our investment monitoring process — carefully follow the investment policy statement, with well-documented quarterly performance reviews.