We are on a
mission to make a brighter financial future for you, for your employees,
for us all.

Our story

We’re ForUsAll – a group of financial innovators and technologists on a mission to fix retirement in America. Our company was founded in 2012 by the same team that helped build Financial Engines, the largest registered investment advisor in the country.

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For the vast majority of Americans the 401(k) has become the primary savings vehicle for retirement.

While managing retirement accounts for over 600,000 employees at companies like Citigroup, Coca Cola, and Target, our founders saw how time-consuming and difficult it can be to properly run a 401(k). So, they reimagined the 401(k) from the ground up, automating tedious administration and compliance tasks. We believe HR teams of any size should be able to offer quality, well-run 401(k)s that help secure their employees’ financial futures without sinking hours into administration or putting them at risk for costly compliance penalties.

We make it simple

for Employers
to get the job done
Streamline the administrative work and liability. We’ll handle notices, eligibility, and keep everything up to date.
for Employees
to do more with their money
We educate and onboard your employees by SMS, email, and snail-mail. Speaking in their language, wherever they are.

Trusted by hundreds
of small and medium size businesses

A good 401(k) isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s a strategic business driver that can make a real impact on your bottom line.
When 70% of Americans aged 55-64 don’t have enough saved for retirement, something’s broken – and needs to be fixed.
Everyone in America deserves a fair shot at a brighter financial future – especially small businesses and their employees.
The 401(k) is a powerful, low-cost recruiting and retention tool that can truly delight your employees.


We bring more than 45 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies in all 50 states. After helping the wealthiest companies in the world maximize their 401k potential, we left to found ForUsAll and bring these strategies to benefit the small business and hardworking Americans who deserve it most.
Shin believes that every American deserves a fair shot at retirement success. As a founder and CEO, he’s committed to modernizing and simplifying the way people plan for retirement. Prior to ForUsAll, Shin was Director of New Business at Financial Engines, a pioneer in democratizing access to high quality, personalized investment advice that today manages more than $100 billion. He led the design & development of Financial Engines’ two flagship products, which helped people effectively plan for and strategically spend in retirement. Shin holds an M.A. in Operations Research and a B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Science, both from Stanford University.
Cindy believes in creating an even playing field by giving small companies 401(k)s that rival those available to Fortune 500 companies. As a founder and Chief Compliance Officer, Cindy is dedicated to providing a great service that our clients can trust. Prior to ForUsAll, Cindy was CFO at David W. Tice & Associates, an advisory firm that enabled small investors to utilize market hedging techniques generally only available to wealthy investors. Cindy holds an A.B. in Economics from Dartmouth College.
Dave co-founded ForUsAll to remove the barriers that stand between everyday Americans and their pursuit of retirement success. He leads design, and is the principal architect behind ForUsAll’s virtual advisor, DAVE. Before all this, Dave was Customer Experience Principal at Financial Engines, where he co-founded and led the end-to-end experience design for the ground-breaking retirement income solution, Income+. Dave holds a B.S. in Communication Design from Fitchburg State University.
David is on a mission to help every small business owner offer a 401(k) that rivals those of the largest Fortune 500 companies. As a founder and Chief Investment Officer, David spends his time using the combined purchasing power of our clients to get ever better services at ever lower costs. Prior to ForUsAll, David helped manage over $55 billion in assets for employees at Fortune 100 companies. David holds a CFA charter and a B.S. in Political Economics of Industrial Societies from the University of California, Berkeley.
Offering a great retirement benefit wasn’t supposed
to be hard.
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