ForUsAll's Editorial Guidelines

Our Goal

At ForUsAll, we aim to simplify retirement savings for individuals across various professions. Our mission is to help every employee have a brighter financial future. To that end, we provide robust financial wellness for employees and advanced plan design for business owners.

To help educate employers and employees, we create content that includes webinars, blog posts, and in-depth whitepapers.  We developed robust editorial guidelines to help ensure we provide accurate and helpful education.  These guidelines aim to provide reliable and clear information on our website, articles, and newsletters for everyone. 

Trusted Information

The path to understanding retirement plans and savings is often fraught with complexity. We recognize the desire among savers for reliable financial information to improve their present and future well-being.

ForUsAll's content creators pledge to follow our editorial principles.

Key Editorial Principles


We prioritize sourcing original, primary material, thoroughly vetting our sources, and keeping our content up-to-date. We aim to produce information that empowers our audience to confidently make informed financial decisions.

Credible and Expert

We leverage a robust team of internal and external experts with decades of experience. This team includes researchers, writers, and experts with industry qualifications such as CFA, CPA, QPA, and ERISA attorneys.

This method uses accounting and retirement planning experience to understand ERISA laws and the Internal Revenue Code.

This group carefully checks and improves our material before publishing it. We sometimes ask outside experts to help us improve our content by providing examples and explaining assumptions.

We strive to provide links to official rules or guidance to learn more or verify our information. You can use these links to access additional information or confirm the accuracy of our content.

We believe that we must be unbiased in our opinions. When reviewing third-party tools or platforms, we do not receive direct compensation.

User Friendly

401(k)'s are complex but our blog doesn't need to be.

We craft our content to be informative, aiming to simplify complex subjects. We strive to cover basics and critical choices, allowing readers to customize the information to their unique scenarios. More complex articles have key takeaways and other strategies to summarize and arrange key points succinctly.

Editorial Process

We adhere to strict standards for each document we create:

Research, Sources, and Citations.

Our contributors, including ForUsAll staff, freelance professionals, and external vendors, strive to gather reputable information our audience can rely on. We transparently cite our sources, noting the publication date. All content created by external parties must pass our internal review before publication.

Customer Insights

When selecting data, we sometimes analyze our customer base for insights or conduct independent industry surveys. Client case studies show how clients achieved strong retirement results with unique strategies. We keep client information private and cannot promise the same results in the future as in the past.


To understand industry trends and regulations, we use federal agencies such as the IRS and Department of Labor. We also rely on academic and industry research, think tanks, and reputable journalists. Example sources include: 

Think tanks:

Industry research:

Regulatory Agencies and Legislation:

Cross-functional Editorial Review

Cross-functional teams conduct extensive content reviews to help ensure accurate, approachable, and helpful information. When necessary, we engage outside financial, accounting, or legal experts. This comprehensive review process ensures that our content meets high-quality standards before publication.

- Deliver unique perspectives backed by rigorous research on critical questions like plan design, retirement strategies, and financial wellness.

- Base opinions and conclusions on current understanding of industry and regulatory trends.

- Provide transparent citations to the information underlying our reports.

Corrections and Updates.

We are committed to updating our articles regularly or more frequently when there are significant regulatory or industry changes. If you encounter any inaccuracies in our material, we welcome your feedback.

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4 Sarah Britton was a client when she provided this testimonial through an independent third party review website. She received no compensation for her remarks. There are no known conflicts of interest in the provision of her comments related to the services provided.