Technology solutions way beyond the traditional 401(k) advisor

ForUsAll goes beyond traditional 401(k) advisory services, and couples our retirement and investment expertise with award winning technology.

Our online cloud based 401(k) technology helps your business lower administrative workload, reduces fiduciary liabilities, and improves the employee experience by handling the hard parts of plan administration.

Advantages of cloud-based 401(k) administration

After our consultants have helped find your company the right recordkeeper and fund lineup, we’ll plug our cloud-based software into your existing HR software, connecting your payroll with your 401(k).

From 50 to 2000 employees, our technology will help your 401(k) scale safely as you grow.

Some of the benefits of working with ForUsAll's technology:

  • icons/icon-cloud.svg Cloud-based payroll integration eliminates manual reconciliation of employee election changes to the 401(k) each time you run payroll.
  • icons/icon-format-color-fill.svg Delegate IRS Form 5500 filing, and fulfill all Department of Labor requirements without taking on additional risk or liability.
  • icons/icon-art-track.svg Employee eligibility tracking and onboarding is a breeze with automated employee onboarding.
  • icons/icon-storage.svg Fiduciary vault for critical document storage
  • icons/icon-brightness-auto.svg Automated compliance testing
  • icons/icon-slow-motion-video.svg Lower cost large plan audits

A better employee experience through technology

Your employee’s experience matters, and technology can help. ForUsAll’s employee experience was designed to engage employees and deliver high participation in retirement plans.

iPhone and Laptop showing Dave

Our virtual advisor, “DAVE,” was designed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional retirement benefits consulting. DAVE is part of the reason that we are able to drive such high employee participation and savings rates, and DAVE can reach your employees at their desks, via email or text messages. Here is some of what our virtual advisor does:

  • icons/icon-cloud.svg Onboards your employees, including hard to reach employees, using text and email
  • icons/icon-format-color-fill.svg Explains their enrollment options
  • icons/icon-art-track.svg Helps them roll-over existing 401(k)s
  • icons/icon-storage.svg Offers Roth or traditional retirement plans
  • icons/icon-brightness-auto.svg Explains the basics of investing in a 401(k) and more.