ForUsAll began with a mission: better retirement for everyone. And in the four years since launching our groundbreaking platform, we have helped hundreds of businesses across the nation realize their 401(k) goals.

Today, we are proud to advise over $1B in assets.

Disrupting an Industry Isn't Easy

When we set out to change the American 401(k) experience, we knew we were facing an uphill battle (on an icy slope).

After all, employer-sponsored 401(k) plans have become the primary method for Americans to save and invest for retirement, and they’re only becoming more prevalent. Employer-sponsored 401(k) programs are even being required in states like California. Yet they’re typically expensive, complicated for companies to provide, and difficult for employees to use.

So we reimagined the 401(k) from the ground up. We stripped away much of the administrative workload and compliance risk for employers, built award-winning employee engagement tools, invested in holistic financial advice, created easy mobile onboarding, and implemented English & Spanish financial education information.

In a nutshell: We built a 401(k) platform that makes it simple.

After all, we are on a mission to make a brighter financial future for you, for your employees, for us all.

What Makes Us Different

Jeff Schulte, CEO of ForUsAll, “We have modernized the 401(k) by automating administration, syncing payroll with recordkeeping systems, and providing DAVE, our virtual advisor - in addition to our team of human advisors to help employees.”

“Our platform helps sponsors eliminate the need for a traditional 401(k) advisor.”

It’s these uniquely adapted services and abilities that help account for our growth. As Jeff says,
“Our company is growing quickly as we have found many companies do not have the bandwidth and resources to administer retirement plans for their employees.”

To achieve a retirement solution that works for everyone “our platform provides everything a company requires to ensure their employees are getting high quality and responsive retirement options… without bogging down their human resources departments.”

“We free up [a company’s] HR and management teams’ time so they can focus on day-to-day business operations including training and onboarding new employees and office environments while working on business growth.” Combine that automation with compliance and fiduciary coverage, incredibly low fees, and support every step of the way, and you’ve got a 401(k) that works for you.


We’re not just trying to brag (okay, maybe just a little). But it’s because we’re genuinely proud of a platform that makes the notoriously-overwhelming 401(k) more accessible, affordable, and easy - for over 350 businesses and 60,000 employees.

Every team at the company has worked hard for this major milestone, but we promise, it’s just the beginning. We continue to work towards making our mission a reality.