We are proud to announce our new integration with RUN Powered by ADP®, a popular payroll and HR platform for medium to large-sized businesses. Earlier this year, we announced our integration with ADP Workforce Now®. We are delivering on our promise to add more payroll integrations to provide you with a seamless 401(k) administration experience.

How This Integration Helps You

So why should you be excited about this integration? Well, if you are using RUN Powered by ADP® this means we can help automate your 401(k) administration.

Ultimately, this integration will provide more secure data transfer to streamline your 401(k). Sounds pretty great, right? Here are a couple more examples of how this integration can help you:

  • When you run payroll, we will deposit your 401(k) contributions automatically.
  • When your employees update their 401(k) elections, the changes will be reflected in payroll promptly.
  • Fewer errors and administrative burdens, so your team can focus on your business.
  • Ultimately, keeping your 401(k) more compliant and your employees happy!

That’s a 401(k) that takes care of itself. Check out the integration on ADP Marketplace now.

Our Commitment to Our Mission

Our integration with ADP® furthers our mission to help fix retirement and enable people to build a better financial future in America. We are dedicated to automating tedious administration and compliance tasks, so more companies can easily offer retirement plans. Our product delivers engaging employee education, ensures seamless administration, and rigorously monitors plan compliance.

Looking forward

We continue to look for additional payroll integration partners while focusing on developing tools for seamless administration and employee engagement.

Frequently asked questions

Why did we develop this app?
We take the security of your participant's data very seriously. This connector is industry standard and reduces security and data integrity risks.

Where can I find the app listing on ADP Marketplace?
Begin the installation process by logging into your ForUsAll employer portal. In the orange banner, you will see detailed instructions and link to the ADP Marketplace.

If you have any other questions, we’ve got answers. Get in contact with our 401(k) consultants today!