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Provide a 401(k) your employees will love

Your employees want more choices when it comes to where to put their money. Most 401(k)s however, don’t offer anything Alt401(k) provides access, combined with advanced financial advising.

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6/10 Americans* are planning to buy, or are considering buying crypto.
*See the Gemini report

ESG Funds

Environmental impact isn’t just a trend. Where you invest your money matters.


While it has its risks, it may also have a place in a well-balanced portfolio.

Private Equity

Coming soon! Diversify your portfolio with access to real estate.

Target Date Funds

The bread and butter of any 401(k) plan, and we have some of the best.

It's easy to get started

Converting your 401(k) (or starting your first one) has never been easier. We’ll plug into your payroll and get you set up in no time.

Your first 401(k)?

Start a new plan

Offering a 401(k) helps your employees turn their paycheck into long term wealth. And, it can save your company taxes along the way.
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Have a plan?

Move your current plan

We’ll help you switch your current plan: adding automation, alternative assets, and even potentially lowering your fees.
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Like your plan?

Plug in to your current plan

Get payroll automation and employee engagement by plugging in an Alt401(k). Access to alternative assets coming soon.
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We're experts

We’ve been in the 401(k) industry for more than 30 years with have a track record of creating solutions to engage employees, increase savings rates, and streamline administration and compliance. In fact, some of our work has even been patented.

$1.7+ Billion

We’re here to unlock the $6 Trillion dollars in retirement funds across America, and while we already have more than $1.7 billion, we’re just getting started.

70,000+ Employees

We help Americans from every age group and every walk of life manage their financial future. With Alt401(k), you have a team of personal financial advisors at your fingertips.

Decades of Experience

Our company was founded in 2012 by the same team that helped build the largest RIA (Edelman Financial Engines), the largest registered investment advisor in the country.

Employee Advice

We’re like a personal financial advisor in your pocket. Our engaging, actionable communications help your employees know what to do when.  And our award-winning virtual advisor Dave provides interactive guidance in English or Spanish.

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Payroll Integration + Automated Admin

When you run payroll you shouldn’t have to worry about anything else. We’ll sync with most payroll providers, because any time spent on 401(k) administration is too much time.

Audit Coverage + $5M Guarantee*

Whether you’re a small plan or have hundreds or even thousands of employees needing a large-plan audit every year, we have you covered. We’ll not only sign your 5500, we carry a *$5M professional liability insurance policy for our ERISA fiduciary services.

We offer more than Funds

We’ll make sure your 401(k) takes care of itself by automating lots of the day-to-day administration, and providing your employees with high-touch support. From payroll integration, onboarding, to taking fiduciary 3(16) and 3(38) responsibility for your plan: we’re an end-to-end solution to make your retirement plan easier than ever.

🤔 Sound too good to be true? Wait till you see our pricing

Less time managing the 401(k). More time doing literally anything else.

Start a new plan

Starting a 401(k) helps your employees turn their paycheck into prosperity, and can give your company tax benefits.

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Add to a current 401(k)

Power up your current 401(k) with payroll integration, personal & virtual advising and access to alternative assets.

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We're fun to talk to

We may be finance experts and techies but we’re motivated because of the people. Curious to learn more? Let’s jump on a quick call, or Zoom meeting (if you’re not too tired of those yet).

We’ll even pay
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