Get a 401(k) that takes care of itself

Our technology, automation, and deep ERISA plan experience add up to a 401(k) that removes work and liability from your plate. Now, that’s a benefit.
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Streamlined administration

We automate manual tasks such as contributions, 401(k) loans, eligibility tracking, hardships, and notifications – so your team can focus on your business.
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Bye bye
payroll issues

Payroll problems are the worst. We run every payroll, for each employee, through 44 unique diagnostic checks to find and resolve issues – before they become issues.
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Your plan at your fingertips
Keep track of your plan’s overall health, including audit-readiness, with a comprehensive dashboard that includes all critical plan documents.
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Rest easy –
we take point on audits
To keep your plate free of compliance risk, we provide full administrative and investment fiduciary protection (aka 3(16) and 3(38) fiduciary services). Our Plan Administrator reviews, signs, and submits your form 5500. We carry a $5M professional liability insurance policy for our ERISA fiduciary services.2
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Less work, less liability, more saving.
A 401(k) is a lot of work, but you shouldn’t have to do it. We can help.